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Welcome to my blog! I will be writing about software development from a technical and project management perspective using the development of a social web app as a focal point. On the way from idea to a working version, I’ll be touching on a variety of technologies, processes, tools and resources.

I recently became interested in graph databases and their visualizations, and at the same time I needed to brush up on my development skills. This coincided with a desire to keep track of my professional contacts in a way that is more interesting and interactive than a spreadsheet, which in turn is more than what I have at the moment – just spread out over my email, LinkedIn and various other places, held together by an imperfect memory. So I got the idea that I’d develop something that would fill the needs that I have at the same time as developing my skills.

I call it the Circles project, and my product vision so far looks like this:

Product Vision (Circles)

For people who want to build and maintain a professional network. Circles is an application that lets the user create and visualize their professional network unlike LinkedIn, where the network does not have a visible overview. Our product will enable users to keep track of their contacts and be reminded of when it is time to reach out, as well as give tips on where to grow their network.


  • A networking application that allows the user to build and maintain a professional network
  • The user can visualize the whole or parts of the network in many ways
  • Store all communication with your contacts and use reminders to indicate when it is time to reach out
  • Easy access through different media and connections to social media and email provides powerful features

In my coming posts I’ll get into more detail about the requirements, a high-level design and getting into the technology of it all.

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